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Wedding Day Nerves? Doing a First Look May Help.

October 13, 2021

You’re probably planning on doing the traditional reveal at your wedding ceremony. You want to see your future spouse’s reaction when they see you at the head of the aisle in your wedding attire. You are also probably on the verge of being sick to your stomach with excitement and anxiety as your wedding day approaches. Wedding Day Nerves are as much of a nuisance as they are normal. But have you considered doing a First Look before the ceremony? I have some information on the subject that I think may be of some help!

Black Couple, First Look, Wedding Day Nerves, Newlyweds, MyMoon Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

What is a First Look?

A First Look is an intimate moment when the couple sees each other (fully dressed) before the start of the ceremony. The photographer arranges the reveal to take place at a picturesque location and captures the moment from beautiful angles. The decision to do a First Look is typically made months in advance to plan the wedding day timeline. And you’re probably still thinking about going the traditional route. Before you write off the idea altogether, hear me out.

Black Couple, First Look, Wedding Day Nerves, Newlyweds, MyMoon Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

How Long Does a First Look Last?

A First Look typically lasts 15 minutes long and happens 2 hours before the ceremony. Your wedding coordinator will help arrange a timeline that accommodates this. After the first look, the couple takes their Formal Portraits, Bridal Party Portraits, and Immediate Family photos in the same setting. The best part about this idea is that the couple gets to roll right into cocktail hour after the ceremony without having to stop to take pictures. The main goal is to have the day flow smoothly and for couples to enjoy the celebration with their family, friends, and guests.

Black Couple, First Look, Wedding Day Nerves, Newlyweds, MyMoon Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

Where Does a First Look Take Place?

A First Look takes place in a private or remote location, whether it is a scenic area of the reception venue grounds or a nearby park or preserve. The couple can share an intimate moment without the onlookers or the hustle and bustle of parents, family, and guests—a location where they can be themselves without holding back under the pressures of an audience. They both may be experiencing wedding day nerves and can use this time together to help reaffirm the purpose of this new journey.

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Still Not Convinced?

Doing a First Look is undoubtedly something to consider for several reasons. Sure, you’ll save time by getting the formal portraits out of the way. More importantly, for those who are becoming so nervous they can scarcely breathe, it can be a massive help with settling those nerves. Think about it; you’ll have:

  • A PRIVATE emotional moment between the two of you – which makes for some AMAZING photographs, by the way. Nothing is better than capturing raw and authetic moments to reflect on in the future.

  • To my [fellow] introverts: You’ll be able to privately share and express your emotions beforehand, without being the center of attention. Your feelings for each other do not and will not change, plus you will have gotten the hard part out of way without everyone watching!

  • Lastly, if you decide to do a First Look, it frees up your cocktail hour and you get to enjoy your guests (and a much needed drink) without interruption. A First Look affords you the opportunity to BE PRESENT at your wedding.

Black Couple Cutting Cake, First Look, Newlyweds

The Choice is Yours.

I want to be clear that I am in no way trying to convince you to do a First Look for your wedding day. I’m also a lover of traditional and, in some cases, the Old Fashioned way of doing things. But I also thought I should share something with you that may help alleviate your wedding day nerves.

If you have any thoughts on the subject, feel free to leave a comment below.

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