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Intimate Wedding with Sonia and Jorge

November 7, 2021

Hiya Gemstones! I want to share with you an intimate wedding with Sonia and Jorge. It was one of the first few weddings I had ever photographed, and their wedding date fell on my 33rd Birthday (August 19, 2016)! Sonia and Jorge’s wedding was the first wedding I ever booked, but not the first one I shot.

Back Home to New York

Anyway, this lovely couple traveled back [home] to New York from Florida to exchange their vows and celebrate with family. There was so much love in the air, the bride and groom got lost in each other’s space. Having spent this time with them is why I will always enjoy photographing small and intimate weddings.

Brooklyn Bridge – Jane’s Carousel

We spent most of the early afternoon reminiscing and walking around the Brooklyn Bridge and Jane’s Carousel. We also ventured up Pineapple Street to recall memories of an old neighborhood and old times. And because it was such a warm and sunny August afternoon, we also stopped for a Soft Serve Vanilla cone near the park.

Sunset Park

Later, we gathered at Sunset Park with the couple’s family to take portraits. An early evening ceremony and dinner reception at Gennaro’s Catering Hall to follow. Everyone was so kind and relaxed and full of love and smiles! I remember the overall feeling of closeness and genuine happiness for the union.

Intimate Wedding with Sonia and Jorge

By the time we reached Genarro’s Catering Hall, one could sense they were ready to be married and begin the rest of their lives as a married couple. I’m sure the heat and humidity played a part in the exhaustion. But the night couldn’t have gone any better, as they exchanged their vows and said their “I Do’s.” Now it was time to party and dance the night away! There may have been a little under 75 guests in attendance that night.

I find myself thinking about this wedding often, just two people in love, without any stress or the hustle and bustle—their love for each other set the tone for the entire day. Thank you for taking the time to read about an Intimate Wedding with Sonia and Jorge.

Are you planning to host an intimate wedding or elopement? If you have any questions regarding my wedding collections and offerings, feel free to reach out here. Share your thoughts and comment below.



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