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When I married my husband, I neglected to set aside a budget for a proper wedding photographer (I didn’t realize the importance of having quality photos at the time). I made sure all of the other details were taken care of, from the flowers to the cake, my dress, and shoes, etc., but not the photos. A [photographer] friend of the family was asked to step in, at the last minute, to take the pictures for the day. Long story short, I was not very pleased. Unfortunately, the photographer did not meet our needs as a couple, and each photo was not what we had envisioned or discussed. A guest took my favorite photograph of us, but I can’t enlarge it or frame it, nor can I redo the day. 

This is why photographing weddings are so important to me.

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When it comes to photographing weddings, the smaller, more intimate ceremonies are my favorite! I get to connect with couples and their love stories on a deeper level. I document memories with the utmost care. 

I do believe in traditional portraiture, yet I prefer to photograph the day with a photojournalistic approach. I like to capture people, moments, and interactions in an authentic way, which in my opinion, offers beautiful memories to look back on. 

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I have a little bit of what some may call an obsessive personality. I can watch my favorite television series over and over again and act as if it were my first time, each time. Can you relate? Do you have something you obsess over?


I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune back in 2004! It was Best Friends Week at The Radio City Music Hall, and we recorded a week's worth of shows in one day! My friend and I went Bankrupt on the "Sizzling New York Steak" puzzle. We earned a decent amount, otherwise!


I'm a mother of 3 and a Bonus Mom to twin boys. Ever since I was young, I always knew that I would be blessed with a Full House! When I was a child, my house would be full of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins just about every weekend. A strong, happy, and healthy family means a LOT to me. One of God's greatest gifts to me!


I am incredibly interested in Architecture & Interior Design, as it influences the way I take my pictures. I pay great attention to my surroundings' colors, shapes, and lines and incorporate them into my photos. 


Planning your wedding day can be stressful, but getting your wedding day documented beautifully doesn’t have to be. 

Why don't we set some time aside to not only get to know each other better, but to discuss the details of your upcoming wedding! Fill out the contact form to get started, and to see if your date is still available!  

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