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We live in an era where social media is a prominent factor in our daily lives. Digital images are the easiest way to share our memories and excitement! Before we know it, there are over a thousand pictures on our phones or laptops. After a while, what happens to those pictures? I’ll tell you what; nothing! They are in a Digital Black Hole, and who has the time to scroll forever looking for them? I promise you’ll thank me for the information later! So I’m here to share some important reasons why you need to print digital photos.

Are You Really Going to Look At Those Digital Photos Again?

Most people believe that when they have digital images from their photo session, they will print them. The hard truth is people often don’t. They are just too busy or forget to do it. Let’s face it. Your memories deserve more than being tucked away in some digital prison. Sure, you can post them on social media or send them via email or text. But does that do your photos any justice? Not to mention, some of your relatives aren’t on any of these media platforms, so how will you share it with them?

Who Doesn’t Love a Printed Photograph?

I don’t know about your grandparents, but my grandma loves looking at physical photos. I can see how she relives the moments in each picture or enjoys viewing the new memories. My mother sends her pictures in the mail, tucked in a pretty greeting card, to say hello! Grandma has a collection of her grand and great-grandbabies on her fridge. My kids constantly run to it to find their photos! Sometimes I get nostalgic when holding pictures of my great-grandparents I’ve never met. I admire their clothes, and the expressions on their faces. Photography was a luxury way back, so it truly is a privilege to “meet” them. And let’s not forget the beauty that is a photo album. Albums are a significant keepsake that you can pass down to future generations.

Printed Photos Have a Presence

As I mentioned, my kids love seeing their pics on the fridge at Gran-Nana’s house. Pictures can transform your house into a loving home. Children seeing themselves on the wall gives them a sense of belonging and stability. They serve as visual affirmations that there is love around them. The same applies to adults. Especially the newlywed couple that may need a reminder of why they started this journey together. An enlarged wedding or anniversary portrait on the wall can be a cornerstone of their family home.

What happens when…

In these uncertain times, amidst the pandemic, it has become more apparent that we are on borrowed time. God forbid anything to happen to you or a loved one, and there’s no accessible picture. Your favorite image is in a password-protected device or cloud-based server. Or you have to sift through too many photos before you get to the best one. You’re stuck using an outdated image that doesn’t represent who they were before they departed. I’m sorry for the morbid tone; it’s a harsh reality.

Another hard truth is that computers crash, hard drives crash, cell phones break, and laptops fry, need I go on? What happens when Google or iCloud doesn’t back you up because your storage has no more space?

I hope you understand better the importance of why you need to print your digital photos. I also hope that I inspired you to start a wall art gallery of memories in your homes. I’d love to see some of your creations! Be sure to visit again for some tips and inspiration on how to hang your pictures.

Thank you for stopping by!

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